Sports Themed Weddings

Kristin and Jake Meyer
from Seattle, WA

My dream wedding in Husky Stadium wouldn't have been complete without Hans at Sports Themed Weddings coming through on the most AMAZING wedding invitations. Over a year later and I am still blown away by how little stress the invites were because Hans provided all the tools to put together a successful, outstanding invitation. Hans also took a photo that held so much meaning and made it work for our invites, even though it wasn't taken with a high-resolution camera. We still get compliments about how great our invites were. Thank you so much, Hans. Thank you Sports Themed Weddings! My husband and I are living happily ever after...


College Football Wedding Theme Ideas
Amber and Ben Raveling
from Des Moines, IA

My fiancé and I were looking for the right wedding theme for us. We are both big Iowa Hawkeye football fans and decided to center our wedding around that. When looking for ideas online, I stumbled across and knew instantly that I had found the wedding invitations we were looking for. We were able to have fun with our engagement photos in order to get the perfect shot for the invitations. We have had more compliments on our invitations than I could have ever imagined. We were 100% satisfied and still thankful we found Hans and his team to help us out!


Jill and DJ
from Council Bluffs, IA

My husband and I got married last summer and had a football themed wedding, Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Oklahoma Sooners. My bridesmaids wore black dresses and their jewelry was of their favorite football team, the groomsmen's ties and vests were in the color of their favorite football team. The flower girls were cheerleaders and the ringbearer wore a football jersey. The guests were encouraged to come dressed in the colors of their favorite team as well. My sister found Hans' website with the "ticket" invitations. Hans was very professional and always quick to respond to any requests or questions. After being quoted our original price, Hans switched graphic designers during the design of our invitations and as it turns out was able to offer us a lower price. Most companies would have kept us at our original quote, but Hans passed the savings on to us! There was also a very quick turnaround time from when we ordered the invitations to when we received them. We have received many compliments on our invitations and a year later still have people comment on them! They really helped tie everything together, all our guests knew what to expect. Our DJ turned out to commentate football games as a part time job and turned our reception into a football game..........the Sooners (the bride's team) won, of course! Thanks again Hans!


Customer Testimonials
Derek and Elissa
from Wausau, WI

Just wanted to share with you guys. We took an invitation with us on our honeymoon to see the Yankees play the Twins and Mariano Rivera signed it!

He thought that it was really cool.
Thanks again for making such amazing products!



Kim & Mark Flocker
from Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you so much for the extraordinary job your company did on our wedding invitations. When I planned a hockey themed wedding I never dreamed that our invitations would turn out so magnificent. Dealing with you and your company was so easy and care free from beginning to end, and was the only part of planning where we were able to remain stress free. The quality of work and professionalism was second to none. We received so many compliments on the invitations and guests were just raving about them. Thank you so much for your hard work and commitment in making our day such a special and memorable day. In the words of the famous Mike Lang, who is a hockey announcer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ”Heeeeeeeee shoots and scores!!” That is how I feel about dealing with your company.


Wedding Ticket Invitation Testimonial - Vancouver, BC
Rachel and Sam
from Vancouver, BC Canada

Sam and I nailed our invites—or more properly, nailed our invites! We’re Canuck fans and weren’t too into ‘traditional wedding ideas’—lace and pink and formalities make us feel as sour as watching the Edmonton Oilers play (fun rivalry). Our ‘game day’ is in May and we’ve started receiving our RSVP’s and are pleasantly surprised that most of our guests love our invitations. Some comments we’ve received about the invitations are:

- ‘they’re hilarious! I love them! Those have got to be the best wedding invites we’ve seen!’

- ‘talk about iconoclastic/individualistic!’ (we don’t even know what it means but believe     it’s a positive comment from Rachel’s aunt who’s a high-school English teacher)

- ‘fantastic, original, simply the best!’

Hans was great to deal with and there were no issues even though we were ordering from our igloos (just joking) in Canada. Within just a few emails, Hans transformed our cheesy pic and write-up into a masterpiece—which has become the envy of many of our (predominantly male) married friends. If we were to get married again (tongue-in-cheek), Sam and I would definitely go with


Baseball Themed Wedding Ideas
Sarah and Scott Latham
from Beavercreek, OH

Wow..... We couldn't have been happier with the Baseball Themed Wedding Day programs your team designed for our wedding. You truly made a huge impact on our guest and on us. The wedding programs looked amazing and they fit our wedding theme perfectly. We had so many compliments after the wedding and how awesome everything was and what they had experienced. Everyone left with one or more copies of the program because they wanted to show other family members and also co-workers. Your company will be highly recommended by us and by others that attended our wedding. Keep up the great work and hope to see examples of the Baseball themed wedding day planner u designed for us on the website soon. Thanks again The Lathams!


NHL Hockey Wedding Ideas
Heather and Jordan Beckley
from Vancouver, BC

When my husband and I were planning our hockey themed wedding reception we wanted to go all out. We wanted hockey tickets for our invites – but not cheesy ones! We’re not a cookie cutter couple and we didn’t want cookie cutter invitations. We searched through several websites offering ticket style invites, but were not satisfied that we had found the right vendor until we stumbled upon After my first email inquiry, I knew we had the right people for the job. Hans contacted me directly, ensuring that we had everything we needed to order our hockey ticket invitations. After a few revisions, Hans and his team had put together the best wedding invitations we’ve ever seen. Of course, our guests were the ones who really loved the invites! We had compliment after compliment on how unique they were and how they really represented who we are as a couple. The details that Hans and his team put into their work is amazing. For couples who are planning a themed wedding or event and want a unique, personalized set of invitations, I would highly recommend


Andy and Rebecca
Andy and Rebecca
from Escondido, CA

My husband and I were initially struggling with how to create a wedding ceremony that would be unique and meaningful to us. Not satisfied with the traditional wedding format, we wanted something creative that would honor our relationship history. On August 21st, 2010 we realized our vision of a hockey-themed wedding on ice. The local ice rink of our hometown where we met and spent most of our youth provided the perfect venue for our event. Bridesmaids and groomsmen donned hockey jerseys and separated into their respective teams, and we were married at center ice by a minister in a referee uniform. Our invitations from were in the form of sporting event tickets, complete with a detachable RSVP stub and season ticket letter. The custom artwork, design, and letterhead were a guest favorite and helped our friends and family to get as pumped for the big day as we were! The attentive service and professionalism we received from Hans and his staff greatly cut down on the stress of planning an event of this magnitude. Having been dubbed “the coolest wife in the world” I would like to thank Hans for his part in establishing this title for me!


Customer Testimonials
Rachel and Bill
from Berwyn, PA

Crystal- Just wanted to send a quick thank you for all your assistance in creating our wedding invitations and favors. Being in the customer service industry myself, I’ve become a tough customer over the years, as I know what is expected of me in my job daily.

You delivered top notch service and kept me in the loop regarding timeframes, costs, delivery, all the important things. I truly do appreciate that type of communication, especially since wedding planning can be challenging.  I don’t think I could have imagined more perfect designs for our wedding. Thank you again for all your help.


Kent and Laura
Kent and Laura
from Buena, NJ

First of all, thank you for all of you help with making the programs for our wedding a top notch accessory. We got incredibly positive feedback about the programs alone from our wedding guests. Unfortunately, we found this website too late, after our invitations were sent, so we just used the programs. Of which you guys were able to work with us on breaking up the package of invites and programs. Not to mention your expedited output as we discovered your services just over a month before the event. It was such a pleasure working with you and the artist who designed our layout. You had great suggestions and were very prompt to give us a heads up on the progress of the job. Our wedding was an outside event under a tent so we had a buffet style food arrangement which was wonderful. We placed the programs at each table setting instead of plates, making the programs a large focal point to our guests We also placed two personalized candies on the programs that made each guest feel they had something special to come upon as they took their seats. All together our wedding was an event that will be remembered and fondly spoken of for years to come. And as one guest said it best "that was one of the classiest untraditional weddings ever". And your sports themed programs played a large part in making it unforgettable.


Mary Ann and Daniel Durand
from Cary, NC

My husband and I have been friends since high school. I actually started liking the New England Patriots because I wanted to have something in common with him. See, I had a secret a crush on him way back in the day, but after high school we went our separate ways. Alas, fate would win. 3 years after high school Daniel and some friends moved in 3 minuets down from my house. When a mutual friend invited us over and I saw him I knew I had to be with him. After about a month of hanging out I finally told him. We decided to give it a shot (his words exactly). A week goes by and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with this man, so I nonchalantly mentioned we should have a Patriot themed wedding. 1 and a half years later we are pairing blue, with sliver and red. Roses with sliver stars. One day I ask my best friend Lauren to help with football lingo for the invites and she found the greatest website ever for themed weddings. I was immediately hooked. Too bad I didn't find it a month earlier. Hans and I had one month to decide, work on, make decisions, and pay for invites and programs. Hans never once complained he kept me up to date on everything. I never once had to worry about anything. He even called me on a Sunday evening at like 6 pm to make sure I was happy with everything. Hans and I now chat about the soon to be or not soon to be football league. Hans and all the people at made my invites/programs amazing, and they gave my wedding that extra touch. People wrote on the rsvp best invites ever, most created invites. Hans made our football themed wedding have that extra something to be truly special to us. Thanks Hans.